Recruitment for the post of Assistant Professors

Selection List - 02-Jan-2017

1. Kannada -Selection List,

2. English -Selection List,

3. Hindi -Selection List,

4. Urdu -Selection List,

5. Sociology -Selection List,

6. History -Selection List,

7. Psychology -Selection List,

8. Economics -Selection List,

9. Political Science -Selection List,

10. Geography -Selection List,

11. Commerce -Selection List,

12. Journalism -Selection List,

13. Social Work -Selection List,

14. Management -Selection List,

15. Physics -Selection List,

16. Chemistry -Selection List,

17. Mathematics -Selection List,

18. Computer Science -Selection List,

19. Zoology -Selection List,

20. Tourism Administration -Selection List,

21. Electronics -Selection List,

22. Home Science -Selection List,

23. Criminology -Selection List,

24. Fashion Technology -Selection List,

Provisional Merit List

Offline Candidates (KAT)

1. Kannada -Provisional Merit List,

2. English -Provisional Merit List,

3. Hindi -Provisional Merit List,

4. Urdu -Provisional Merit List,

5. Sociology -Provisional Merit List,

6. History -Provisional Merit List,

7. Psychology -Provisional Merit List,

8. Economics -Provisional Merit List,

9. Political Science -Provisional Merit List,

10. Geography -Provisional Merit List,

11. Commerce -Provisional Merit List,

12. Journalism -Provisional Merit List,

13. Social Work -Provisional Merit List,

14. Management -Provisional Merit List,

15. Physics -Provisional Merit List,

16. Chemistry -Provisional Merit List,

17. Mathematics -Provisional Merit List,

18. Computer Science -Provisional Merit List,

19. Zoology -Provisional Merit List,

20. Tourism Administration -Provisional Merit List,

21. Electronics -Provisional Merit List,

22. Home Science -Provisional Merit List,

23. Criminology -Provisional Merit List,

24. Fashion Technology -Provisional Merit List,

Final Key Answers

Final Key Answers

1. Kannada -Master Question Paper,

2. English -Master Question Paper,

3. Hindi -Master Question Paper,

4. Urdu -Master Question Paper,

5. Sociology -Master Question Paper,

6. History -Master Question Paper,

7. Psychology -Master Question Paper,

8. Economics -Master Question Paper,

9. Political Science -Master Question Paper,

10. Geography -Master Question Paper,

11. Commerce -Master Question Paper,

12. Journalism -Master Question Paper,

13. Social Work -Master Question Paper,

14. Management -Master Question Paper,

15. Physics -Master Question Paper,

16. Chemistry -Master Question Paper,

17. Mathematics -Master Question Paper,

18. Computer Science -Master Question Paper,

19. Zoology -Master Question Paper,

20. Tourism Administration -Master Question Paper,

21. Electronics -Master Question Paper,

22. Home Science -Master Question Paper,

23. Criminology -Master Question Paper,

24. Fashion Technology -Master Question Paper,

25. General Knowledge -Master Question Paper,

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